Discover true convenience and care-free living with our smart home package.

Many household operations such as temperature control, front door lock and unlock, can be easily and remotely handled from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Plus, you can come and go with the ease of keyless entry. A smart home offers wide-ranging advantages that make your home work harder so you don’t have to. Embrace a rental home with smart home technology.

Our Smart Home Gives You:

Keyless Entry - Come and go as you please; Keyless.

Personalized Access - Assign unique codes and duration for anyone whom you want access.

Activity Data - See the history of who has come and gone and when.

Front Door Remote Lock and Unlock - Ensure your home is secure, or choose to let someone in, from anywhere.

Real-Time Alerts - See real-time alerts related to smart home access and more.

Temperature Control - Remotely adjust your thermostat or automate temperature settings for peak efficiencies.


Q: My daughter lost her house key. When she gets home from school, am I able to remotely open the front door to let her in? A: Yes!

Q: I forgot to turn on the air conditioning and my pet is inside. I’m far from home. Can I remotely turn the air conditioning on and adjust the temperature setting? A: Yes!

Q: I’ve been notified that a parcel package was delivered to my door. Can I send my neighbor an access code to enter my house, or just unlock then lock the front door, once the package is inside? A: Yes to both!

Q: I want to provide my house cleaner with access to enter my house just for one day. Can I set up an access code to expire? A: Yes!

Q: I have set up a unique access code for my pet-sitting service. Do I have the ability to look at historical data to see when they come and go, and how long they stay? A: Yes!

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