Convenience. Control. Peace of Mind.

Tricon American Homes is proudly offering our residents Smart Home technology on select homes! Experience home control directly from your mobile phone, tablet or computer. Discover the true meaning of convenience and of LIFE SIMPLIFED with our tech-friendly smart home package.

Homes installed with Smart Home technology currently include:

Automatic Thermostat Control
Remotely adjust your thermostat or automate temperature settings for peak efficiencies. Reduce your energy costs by up to 15%!

Keyless Front Door Entry
You’ll never get locked out again! Ensure your home is secure and enjoy the convenience of unlocking and locking your door remotely for service calls, the dog walker and for when your family and friends come to visit from out of town with temporary or timed access codes.

Front Door Sensor
Know when your front door has been opened/closed and when someone comes home.

Leak Detection Sensors
Have the peace of mind of being alerted if there is ever a leak in your kitchen sink or water heater.

All of these technologies will be accessed from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

What do you need to do?

New residents are automatically enrolled in the Smart Home program**, therefore, you will immediately have access to your Smart Home technology at move-in via Tricon American Homes’ mobile website. We are committed to your privacy.

Residents who allow the smart home system to communicate over their own personal Wi-Fi, will receive one month of Smart Home services free***. Please follow the instructions on our handy guide here to make the connection today. It will enhance your ability to control your Smart Home from your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Disclaimer:  *Reduce your energy costs by up to 15%! **Service available only on select homes. A monthly fee of $16.95 applies. ***Value of $16.95.