Viewing a Home

How Do I Tour a Tricon American Home?

Once you’ve found a rental home you like, how do you go about touring it before you ultimately make it your own? It’s easy and you’ll find choices for touring on your terms. You can self tour the home on your own when it’s convenient for you, schedule a personalized tour with a Tricon American Homes leasing agent, or attend an open house. Before you consider an in-person tour, be sure to view a home’s floor plan, located below the photo gallery, and utilize Tricon American Homes’ 360-degree virtual tour.

Can I Self Tour a Home On My Own?

Yes! You are able to self tour most of our rental homes. This option is ideal when you want to tour on your own time and at your own pace. You can set it up with a few simple steps, and once approved, tour any day, any time. Plus, when you register for self tour access, you can visit the same home up to three times or self tour three different homes.

To request self tour access, from the home’s featured listing page, click on the “SELF TOUR” button, then complete and submit the online registration. A small fee is needed for identification verification. When your identification is verified and payment received, you’ll receive instructions for an access code to the home’s lockbox. After you tour the home, remember to return the key to the lockbox on your way out.

How Do I Schedule a Tour With a Leasing Agent?

Guided tours are an excellent way to get information about a home and the community, and to get questions answered from a Tricon American Homes leasing agent. Arrange it by clicking on “REQUEST SHOWING” on the individual home’s listing page, then complete and submit your registration. A Tricon American Homes leasing agent will follow up with you within 48 hours. If for any reason you do not hear from a Tricon American Homes representative within 48 hours, please contact our Resident Services Center at 844.874.2661.

In general, when you meet with a leasing agent in regard to renting a home, always make sure that you are provided credentials that clearly show the agent is a representative of the owner or management company for the home. All Tricon American Homes leasing agents have a company-issued ID that they can show you upon meeting them at the home. Unfortunately, with the high incidence of fraud in the rental housing industry, it is important to make sure you’re dealing with an authorized agent of the home.

Can I Attend an Open House?

An open house is less personalized than the guided tour but still a great way to see a home. Typically held on weekends, the available rental home is open to all interested shoppers. Although it is not necessary, you are encouraged to register online to attend. To register, click on the “OPEN HOUSE” link located on the individual home’s listing page with the date and time, which will only be visible if an open house is scheduled.

What Does “Coming Soon” Mean?

When a home is listed as “Coming Soon” on our website, it means the home is undergoing cleaning and/or maintenance. You may also see an anticipated “move-in ready” date. If you’re interested in touring a home listed as coming soon, be sure to get on the home’s waitlist by completing and submitting the “REQUEST SHOWING” form. A Tricon American Homes leasing agent will follow up with you to provide further information and schedule a tour.

When Should I Start My Rental Home Search?

Start to finish it is possible to search for a Tricon American Homes rental home, tour it, love it, and move in – all within just a week. Of course, not everyone wants to move that fast. It’s best to allow yourself ample time to search different Tricon American Homes rental home offerings and familiarize yourself with the neighborhood to ensure that the home you select is one you’ll love coming home to.

If timing is critical, the quickest way to see a home is by completing a self tour. To self tour, your identification will need to be verified and a small tour fee collected, then you’ll receive a lockbox access code. You are now free to tour the home at your convenience. If you love it, go to, enter the home address, and click on “APPLY NOW.” Review the Terms of Agreement and Qualification Criteria, then click the “Start Application” button. This officially begins the application process of making the rental home your own.

Qualification Criteria

What Does It Take To Qualify?

All adults who are 18 years of age or older, need to complete an application to rent a home from Tricon American Homes. In addition, all applicants need to submit to a background screening. Guarantors or co-signers are not accepted for the application and leasing process. Occupancy standards allow for two persons per bedroom, plus one – per household. Local occupancy laws may vary.

Number of Bedrooms Number of Occupants
One Bedroom Three Persons
Two Bedrooms Five Persons
Three Bedrooms Seven Persons
Four Bedrooms Nine Persons
Five Bedrooms Eleven Persons

Applicants need to meet certain qualification criteria for approval to rent. Considerations include credit history, credit status, background, rental history, and income verification.

Criminal History

If an applicant’s public record discloses criminal history, consideration is based on the type of crime and when it occurred. Certain types of felonies or recent crimes may generate an automatic rejection, including but not limited to convictions of fraud, theft, possession and/or distribution of controlled substances, assault, battery, violent crimes, sex crimes, crimes involving children, and misdemeanor.

Credit and Income

From your application to rent, either an Experian or TransUnion credit report is automatically processed detailing your credit and rental history. If you have initiated a credit freeze on your account in order to keep scammers from opening new accounts in your name, it is imperative that you lift the freeze so that your credit may be reviewed. Tricon American Homes uses CoreLogic Rental Property Solutions to determine eligibility based on analysis of the credit report, rental history and background check.

When qualifying to rent, credit history may carry more weight than credit score. A low credit score does not mean an automatic rejection, while lack of credit history does not necessarily disqualify you either but may result in an increased security deposit. Income to be verified needs to show the household income, including income from all applicants, and is sufficiently three times the monthly rent.

How Do I Qualify If I’m Self-Employed?

For income verification, if you are self-employed, you’ll need to submit the previous year’s income tax return and previous two month’s bank statements, or twelve months of financial statements during the rental application process.

Do you have Housing Assistance Programs?

Tricon American Homes does not discriminate on the basis of an applicant’s source of income. We welcome all applicants and treat all applicants by the same criteria. All applicants undergo the same screening process, must execute our lease and security deposit within 48 hours and take possession of the home within 14 days, as required by the lease terms.

Application Process

How Do I Apply For a Rental Home?

You’ve found a home you love! Now, it’s time to make it yours. To apply, go directly to the home’s listing page and click on “APPLY NOW” or go to TriconAmericanHomes/Apply and input the home’s address. Review the Terms of Agreement and Qualification Criteria, then click the “START APPLICATION” button. There is a $49.99 application fee per applicant, and a $250 holding fee to “hold” the home while your application is in process. The holding fee is applied to the first month’s rent once you move in. It’s important to provide Tricon American Homes with an accurate email address for each leasee, as each applicant needs to sign the lease using a separate email address. Within 24 hours of submitting the application, screening documentation will need to be provided, including income verification, rental history, and two forms of government-issued identification. Tricon American Homes will begin the screening process when all the supporting documents are received. If supporting documentation is not provided within 24 hours, the application will be canceled.

You’ll be notified of the outcome within 24 hours of applying and providing all necessary documentation. You can check the status of your application at any time, simply by returning to the “Start Application” web page and clicking on “Check the status of your application.”

How Does the Application Process Work?

Our rental application is available online at Take time to ensure that the information you submit is accurate, as inaccurate information may cause delays and additional expenses. All intended occupants age 18 or older should submit their rental applications together since qualifying income will be based upon the total household income.

What Documents Do I Need?

You’ll need to pay the fees and provide the following documents to complete the application process:

1) Completed online application(s).
2) $49.99 application fee per applicant.
3) A non-refundable $250 holding fee, which is applied toward the first month’s rent once approved and moved in. If you are denied, the holding fee will be refunded within 3 to 5 business days. The holding fee is forfeit if your application is approved and you choose not to move in.
4) Verifiable rental history going back two years.
5) Household income verification showing income of at least three times the monthly rent.
6) Two forms of government-issued identification, one with a photo ID, which may include a state-issued driver’s license, state-issued identification card, social security card, resident alien card, ITIN or official passport.

What Are The Fees?

To apply, there is a $49.99 rental application fee per applicant for screening, and a $250 holding fee, which essentially takes the home off the market and “holds” it for you while your application is in process. Once you move in, the $250 holding fee is credited to your first month’s rent. If you’re approved and you choose not to move into the home, Tricon American Homes will place the home back on the market for rent and the holding fee is forfeited. If an applicant is declined, the holding fee is reimbursed.

Can I Have Multiple Applicants On My Lease?

Absolutely. Anyone living in the home who is 18 years of age or older needs to submit their own rental application and thus will be on the lease documents. The combined gross income of all applicants is used to determine income eligibility, which is three times the monthly rent. All intended occupants age 18 or older should submit their applications together since qualifying income will be based upon the household income.

After I’m Approved, Can I Add an Applicant?

Yes, however, since income qualification is based upon the gross household income, all applicants need to submit applications together. CoreLogic Rental Property Solutions screens and evaluates the risk factor of all applicants collectively to determine eligibility and establish the security deposit. Therefore, adding an applicant after approval would necessitate rescreening applicants together, creating a delay and the additional cost of $49.99 per applicant for the application fee.

What Credit Agency is Used?

Experian or TransUnion. While most credit reporting agencies evaluate credit scores based upon the same parameters, slight variations may appear in the final report. We recommend using Experian if you are interested in reviewing your credit report.

My Application Is Approved. What’s Next?

Once your application is approved, a Tricon American Homes representative will reach out to you to verify information such as planned occupants, pets, etc. Tricon American Homes will generate a lease agreement and you’ll have up to 48 hours to execute the lease online, through DocuSign. Once the lease is executed, the security deposit and pro-rated monthly rent payment are due within 48 hours.

If at any point in this process you have a question or need assistance, you may contact Resident Services Center at 844.874.2661.

What If My Application Is Denied?

Tricon American Homes uses an outside impartial screening service provider to screen all applicants. Once screening is complete, CoreLogic will produce one of three rental application results: approved, conditionally approved, or denied. If conditionally approved and due to income verification, Tricon American Homes may be able to work with you to assess if approval is possible, although it may result in a higher security deposit of up to one- and one-half month’s rent. If an application is declined, it is generally due to negative rental history, insufficient income, poor credit history, current bankruptcy, or criminal history. When an application is rejected, the holding fee is reimbursed.

If Denied, Can I Find Out Why?

Yes. Once the screening process is complete you may contact CoreLogic at (888) 333-2413 to request a copy of your credit score and/or discuss the reasons for application denial. Tricon American Homes is not able to provide denial information to our applicants.

How Can I Establish Good Credit?

Positive rental history includes, but is not limited to:

A. Maintaining a credit report with no major blemishes;
B. Consistently paying one’s bills on time;
C. No large outstanding debts or other issues that would cause one’s credit score to plummet;
D. No evictions;
E. No criminal record; and
F. No documented reports of damage or destruction to prior residences.

Additionally, Tricon American Homes works with RentTrack to offer credit building benefits. When you subscribe, RentTrack will report your monthly rent payments to the three major credit bureaus. You’ll receive credit tips and alerts, help to avoid identity theft, and you can quickly build your credit history by reporting past rent payments of up to two years. RentTrack is available to answer questions by email at, or by calling RentTrack at (866) 841-9090.

Lease Agreement

How Do I Sign My Lease?

Your lease will be emailed directly to each applicant named on the lease for signatures via DocuSign. It’s important to provide Tricon American Homes with an accurate email address for each leasee, as each applicant needs to sign the lease using a separate email address. If you’re unable to provide a unique email address for each applicant to send their electronic signature, notify your Tricon Leasing Representative so other arrangements can be made. The lease needs to be signed by all parties within 48 hours, or it will expire, and the home will be placed back on the rental market.

How Do I Renew My Lease?

If you qualify, approximately 60 days prior to your lease expiring, you’ll receive an offer to renew. To qualify, Tricon American Homes will look at your rental history, including on time rent payments, maintaining the home property, and avoiding HOA or city violations and neighbor complaints. If you are eligible for renewal, you’ll receive an offer via email outlining any lease plan options, so you can select which plan suits you best.

How Do I Move To a Month-to-Month Lease?

At the time of lease renewal, you will receive an email with your renewal options. Choose the Flexible Lease Option to go month-to-month when you renew your lease. If you don’t select a plan when your lease is up for renewal, you’ll automatically be renewed on the month-to-month plan. Note that month-to-month flexibility comes with a $250 fee increase plus additional fee increases may apply. Of course, you’ll receive advance notification of any additional charges.

How Do I Add a Roommate To My Lease?

Let your Tricon American Homes Assistant Portfolio Manager or Retention Specialist know you want to add a roommate to your lease. The new roommate will need to:

1. Complete a rental application.
2. Provide two months of current pay stubs plus government-issued photo ID if the added roommate is replacing another. The household will need to go through an income qualification for the home once again to show the ability to pay three times the monthly rent.
3. Pass a criminal history background screening.

Once the new roommate is approved, and a new lease executed, the updated lease replaces your previous lease but is for the original lease term.

How Do I Remove a Roommate From My Lease?

If everyone remaining in the house has lived there for a minimum of 6 months, you can remove someone from the lease, however, the remaining occupants need to once again prove income qualification showing the gross household income is equal to or more than three times the monthly rent – without the exiting roommate. Everyone will need to provide Tricon American Homes with 30 days’ worth of current pay stubs. Once qualified, everyone on the lease will be emailed a roommate release form via DocuSign, which releases the exiting roommate from future liability and waives their right to any security deposit reimbursement.

If Rent Goes Up When I Renew, Why?

Tricon American Homes works very hard to keep rental rates fair and comparable to the market. If your rent is increasing, it is because comparative rental rates of similar homes in your area have also increased in value. If you have questions about your rent increase, contact your Tricon American Homes Retention Specialist and they will review your specific home and rate with you.

Security Deposit

How Much Is My Security Deposit?

Your security deposit amount is determined at the application stage and is based upon the monthly rent of the home, as well as CoreLogic’s assessment of your rental risk. This is based upon real data and statistics taken from each applicant’s credit report and may include payment history, number of accounts, collection activity, outstanding debt, and any previous evictions. A high rental score will typically generate a security deposit of one month’s rent. The lower the rental score number, the higher the risk level, thus the security deposit may be increased to one- and one-half month’s rent. Your Tricon American Homes Leasing Representative can provide more information on this.

Is the Security Deposit Refundable?

The security deposit agreement is subject to Tricon American Homes’ final acceptance of the application once the screening process is complete. If an application is denied and an applicant is unable to move into the home, the holding fee and security deposit are refunded. Any fees paid are forfeit if an applicant is approved but changes their mind and decides to not move into the home.

Renter’s Insurance

Do I Need Renter’s Insurance? If So, Why?

Renter’s Insurance is necessary for the protection of the renter’s personal belongings in case of fire, theft, or damage. Applicants need to carry a minimum of $100,000 Property Loss and Personal Liability Insurance Coverage, and Tricon American Homes needs to be listed as “additionally insured” on the renter’s liability insurance policy.

What is ePremium Insurance?

If you fail to get a Renter’s Insurance Policy, you’ll be provided a basic coverage policy with ePremium Insurance, at a monthly cost of $25. Tricon American Homes requires renter’s insurance for the benefit of the renter, to protect their personal property.

Homeowners Associations

Why Choose a Homeowners Association (HOA) Community?

Tricon American Homes offers many rental homes in master-planned communities with Homeowners Associations (HOA). HOA communities are distinct for offering a welcoming appearance, well-maintained landscaping, street lighting, sidewalks, and homes with curb appeal. Sometimes they even great resident amenities. If you’re considering renting a home in an HOA community, ask a leasing agent for a copy of the HOA Rules and Regulations and familiarize yourself with them.

Understanding Your HOA

A beautifully landscaped neighborhood; pride in your community; and having places to gather, like poolside with family and friends – are just a few reasons Homeowners Associations (HOA) communities are so popular. With all the great benefits, comes the need to understand your responsibilities to the HOA. If you’re considering renting a home in an HOA community, ask a leasing agent for a copy of the HOA Rules and Regulations and familiarize yourself with them.

Do I Pay Monthly HOA Dues?

Tricon American Homes residents pay no monthly HOA fee. Tricon American Homes pays it for you. You will never have to interact directly with the HOA. Tricon American Homes will serve as your liaison, dealing with the HOA on your behalf.

What Are My HOA Responsibilities?

The HOA will expect you to maintain the home to their standards, including the appearance of landscaping, driveway and sidewalk areas. The home exterior should be kept in good condition; vehicles parked in designated areas; unwanted items, trash, and untimely decorations kept out of sight; and avoid nuisance behavior. Let’s dig into each.

Landscaping and Home Maintenance

It’s recommended that the lawn be mowed bi-weekly, and shrubs and bushes are edged and trimmed bi-weekly. Keep lawn, flower beds and rock areas free of weeds. Apply fresh mulch to landscaping bi-annually.

Maintain the overall exterior appearance of your home with an occasional power wash to driveways, walkways and sidewalks, and power wash the house as needed to eliminate mold or mildew.

Parking and Vehicles

Park vehicles in designated parking areas, and do not store inoperable or unregistered vehicles at the home, nor should you regularly park a commercial vehicle onsite.

Decorations, Waste, Nuisance

Avoid storing unwanted items in visible view of the home, don’t leave holiday decorations out year-round and take care to not leave trash containers out for extended lengths of time before and after trash collection. Lastly, avoid nuisance behavior.

What Happens if There is a Violation?

With a violation of HOA Rules and Regulations, Tricon American Home’s Property Compliance department works directly with the HOA on your behalf, serving as liaison to resolve the issue. They will first receive notification of a violation from the HOA and will immediately begin efforts to have the resident satisfy or “cure” the specific violation. Most HOAs allow 7 to 14 days for the violation to be resolved and require a photo as proof of “cure.”

What if There’s an HOA Fine?

An HOA will typically send two- to three-violation notifications with a request to satisfy before it issues a fine of approximately $75. If at this point Tricon American Homes has been unable to resolve the issue with the resident, Tricon American Homes may intervene and have the violation “cured” on the resident’s behalf. Any costs associated with satisfying the violation are charged back to the resident along with any HOA fine.

Can I Be Evicted By an HOA?

In a worst-case scenario, if a resident does not “cure” an HOA violation and is absent from any involvement, Tricon American Homes will satisfy the violation and the violation fee and cost to cure will be applied to the resident ledger. If that debt is not paid, and the resident pays their normal rent amount, rent will be short. Late fees may be applied to the delinquent rent, and costs can escalate, resulting in the possibility of eviction. HOA compliance does require cooperation.

How Do I Determine if a Tricon American Homes Rental Home Has an HOA?

On a home’s featured listing page on, go to listing details. If a home is part of an HOA, it will be noted. You can also discuss these details with a Tricon American Homes leasing agent.

How Do I Get a Copy of the HOA Rules and Regulations?

Upon move in you’ll receive a copy of HOA Rules and Regulations. If you’re a current resident and need a copy, contact your Tricon American Homes leasing agent or Tricon American Homes Property Compliance department. HOA Rules and Regulations should also be identified in your lease agreement.

Home Transfers

Can I Transfer From One Tricon American Home To Another?

Yes! A benefit of living with Tricon American Homes is the ability to easily relocate from one home to another when your situation changes. The transfer requirements and process are outlined below:

1. To qualify to transfer, you need to be a current resident for at least six months and have a positive rental and payment history.
2. Your current home will need to pass a pre-transfer inspection to confirm that you have properly maintained the home as required by your lease agreement. Your Tricon American Homes management team will notify you once approved.
3. Income qualify for the new home showing gross household income is equal to or more than three times the monthly rent. To qualify, each applicant will need to provide Tricon American Homes with 30 days’ worth of current pay stubs.
4. Submit a 30-day Notice to Vacate/Transfer Request to your Tricon American Homes Retention Specialist, Assistant Portfolio Manager, or Portfolio Manager.
5. Pay a non-refundable transfer fee of $500 to your current resident account.
6. Sign a new Lease Agreement, emailed to each Leasee for signatures through DocuSign.
7. Pay a security deposit equal to your original approved security deposit level, due within 48 hours of signing the new lease.
8. Provide the first month’s rent, due at least 48 hours prior to moving in.
9. Schedule a move out inspection, after which your security deposit will be returned within the timeframe as specified by state law.
10. Go through a move-in inspection on your new home.